Versailles one room took 26 years to make, facts about France

Versailles facts about France

Today we are learning some more facts about France.  We are getting ready for a trip to France see our cousins who live in Brittany. The girls thought it would be fun to learn some facts about places they might visit.  Today we are only learning about two famous buildings, Versailles and Notre Dame. Huggs picked to learn a few facts about Notre Dame and do a video. While Munchy wanted to do two videos on Versailles because of this in the one place she really wants to visit when she sees her cousins.


Facts about France we learned about Chateau Versailles:

  1. Chateau Versailles is 16 miles SW of Paris
  2. It took 26 years to build the chapel because king Louis XIV demanded perfection when it came to the chapel
  3. They signed the peace treaty that ended WWI in the hall of mirrors
  4. Chateau Versailles has 1000 candles in the chandeliers

Mac facts about France, Versailles

Belle worked on Notre Dame

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