Multiplication fun face game

This fun face game was designed by little Mac.  It is a very fun way to practice your multiplication tables and draw lots of silly faces.

You need a deck of card – we used Uno cards

20130122-191649.jpg 20130122-191643.jpg

Lay out your deck of cards in rows like you were going to play memory


Next randomly pick a body part for each # family

20130122-191729.jpg 20130122-191735.jpg

This is how we played the face game – I pick two cards – then each girl took turn multiplying the numbers – then once they get the answer both girls would draw a body part from one of the two cards I picked (4 x 2 – draw a  face or ears) – we laughed for hours and made tones of fun faces and silly bodies.

Next we did our writing jungle and here are the girls reading their poems

Last we have been learning about government for the last couple days , today we read a book and watched a video on how a bill becomes a law…

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