Experiments – Magnets

Who doesn’t love to play with magnets, so we got this book at the library along with a lot of other – but more about that later.  I made the girls sit and listen while I ead a couple of chapters – gave up on that and went right into the experimenting…

I got both girls notebooks (which we almost lost twice) so they could write down their hypothesis and conclusions.

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first experiment … WHAT IS MAGNETIC?

I had the girls each pick 10 items  that they thought could e picked up by a magnet – They wrote down each name of the object and  then they wrote yes or no

Here are Mac’s results…

This is Belle results and video…

The girls were having so much fun playing with the magnets they started each coming up with ideas of what we should try with the magnets… next was –

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 How far can I make and Object jump with a magnet?

These are the results…

necklace – 1″ / scissors – 1/4″ / pocket watch – 3/4″ / earing – 3/4″ / paper clip- 1″ / screwdriver – 3/4″ / bobby pin – 1/2″

bracelet – 1″ / clip – 1/4″ / pipecleaner 1 1/4″ (winner) / steel wool – 1/2″

Mac and Belle started playing with their compass – so we did another experiment –

How does a magnet effect a compass?

We took the magnet and put a paper clip next to the compass to see it moved – then we held the paper clip on a magnet for two minutes and then held it next to a compass  to see if it moved – here is the video

The last thing we tried to do with the magnets is see how many paper clips we could get our little magnets

here are those videos….

We also made it to the library and here are all the books we may or may not read this week..

Treasury of Greek Mythology, The Berenstain Bears Ride the Thunderbolt, Insect Life, Christian the Hugging Lion, Madeline at the White House, Counting Crocodiles

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