Our experience riding the light Rail or RTD in Denver

The Denver Tram or “RTD” is one of the cheapest and most exciting ways to get to the center of Denver, Colorado.  This was super exciting for our kids because they have never ridden on a tram system and the experience was one of a kind.  It is a great way to see the city and it’s out lying areas and get there without the hassle of parking, and  traffic.

Light Rail DenverLuckily we were staying at Cherry Creek State Park, so the Light Rail was across the street, a major highway. First we had to find a Park-N-Ride lot, which was a lot harder than we thought.  We ended up one stop down from the park and had to ask for directions.  Then using our awesome map skill we had to figure out what track we were on, how much the fare was, and which stop we needed to get off on.  My advise ask for help, I did and it saved a lot of time, and pay cash for your ride (it’s half as much). We paid $36 with credit card and found out it would have only been $18 for cash, on the way back.

light Rail DenverOnce we made it to the city, we checked out the shops down town, found a huge candy store, ate lunch at an amazing hamburger and ice-cream shop, 5280 Burger Bar. We did some people watching and checked out some historic signs.  If you have more time make sure you go to the US Mint, State Capital, Denver Zoo, Denver Broncos play , or the Children Museum of Denver (just to name a few). We only had time for one thing so we just hung out in downtown Denver and walked along the 16th Street Mall, which is only for pedestrians and the free city bus.

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Light Rail DenverHiking is also one thing we have done more and more since we hit the road a year and half ago.  This time we hiked in Cherry Creek State Park, which has miles and miles of paths for hiking, riding bikes, and horse back riding.  Munchy bought along her fancy camera this time and she took load of prairie  dogs pictures. The locals that passed by said a coyote lived up on the hill but luckily we never saw them (when been awesome to et some pictures).


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