Endless Caverns where science meets exploration

Our favorite activity is visiting caves and learning a little science. Endless Caverns did not disappoint and we had our own personal tour guide. Caves are amazing magical places and even more fun when the cave is not claustrophobic. We could have walked for miles and see something different around each turn.

Endless Caverns

img_2647.jpgDave from the cave, our tour guide, taught us earth science, animal science, and cave science. We learned about the animals that live in the cave, stories about skunk families and how to avoid them.  Dave told us how crawfish enter the cave from a local pond, adapt, loose their color and then go blind. We learned about bobcats and bears that like to live at the mouth of the cave and bats that live near chimneys (tunnels to the outside). 

Our favorite was the land of fairies and the light show near the end of the tour. We got to see many different formations that happen in caves like, bacon, walls that look like waves, and bumps on the ground. The crystal formations were amazing, which included the blue sparkle room, great wall of china, and towers holding up the roof. 


Endless Cavern Campground

img_2565Since we are staying at one of the nicest campsites, Endless Cavern Campground, hubby and I got to do many hikes.  Most of the hikes were up steep hills but the views were breathtaking and well worth the pain to get there.  The girls enjoyed the pool, clubhouse, and doing our science experiments outside.


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