Eight legged friends watch and learn

What can be more fun than finding an eight legged friends and watching them eat or devour another bug. Ok I find it gross and hate bugs of any type but my kids love them.  So of course when they find a bug they go and get it and bring them into the house and show me what they find with huge grins on their little faces waiting for approval.  It hard to not just scream and run away but I have learned to keep my cool and suggest that they would like it better outside.

So with all that in mind the girls found a spider eating a bug the other day.  So instead of letting me get the broom and sweep it away we had to watch it devour the bug.  Ok all they really do is suck out its insides, we learned that on BIll Nye the science guy. I think it is so gross, but cool at the same time. Here is the video we recorded…

After watching the spider do its thing, Disney Bill Nye website, and a tone of really cool stuff on amazon that we are thinking of getting for this coming year. We get most of the videos we watch from the library and now they have Magic School bus on Netflix, but my all time favorite is getting Magic School Bus science kits in the mail each month…

[contentblock id=15 img=gcb.png]

IMG_2348 IMG_2349For our next bug we found one that look like a leaf, called a leaf bug.  The girls looked on their bug app, mini monster, which has millions of facts and pictures about bugs, to figure out what kind of bug it was and if it was easy to take care of.  I convinced them that he might be a mommy or daddy and have babies somewhere so luckily they decided to let him go.

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