Drawing Love Bugs – art class

20130124-215133.jpgArt class was all about love bugs.  All the kids in art class started by drawing several love bugs and then they  picked their favorite one , and drew it really big, painted it and then added clothing or fun designs to their love bugs.  They really made some cute love bugs.  Mac still doesn’t want to do art so she worked on division on her Apple iPad 2 and hung out with all the moms.

After art class we headed to Forsyth Park for a picnic lunch and played on the playground with tons of other homeschooled kids,  and it was a wonderful day to hang out at the park.

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2 thoughts on “Drawing Love Bugs – art class

  1. Last summer, i helped an artist to facilitate a kid’s workshop about book making. We started from scratch, from the stories to the drawings and lastly bonded them. One of the week’s highlight is the drawings. Your post about your class drawing bugs reminds me of that experience. Kids have such great imagination that you can pick an idea just by asking them :)) the lady bug is cuteeee.

    • Thanks so much – My little one loves to do any kind of art. I just wish the big one would give the art class a try (she is the better artist but hates it??) Love your art work on your blog – so awesome!!