Don’t forget your wallet when visiting Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Don’t get me wrong we loved visiting Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge but honestly you need a thick wallet to enjoy it.  I was told recently that everything is only six dollars and not that expensive, keep in mind the person who told me this hadn’t been to Gatlinburg for 30 years.  Here is my warning, everything is $26 per person, and some are more and even a few dollars less but make sure your wallet is filled to the brim.

GatlinburgI bet you are wondering how we made it though the destinations without breaking the bank.  Two words, “Window Shopping” not only is it free but can be fun to people watch, dream about those things you want to buy and your kids will love to bugging you to buy everything. Stopping  the nagging is easy, give the kids an allowance, this will also get them to do a little math without even knowing it.  Have them tell the teller how much change they should get back, figure out the tax, ask if I bought one for everyone in the family how much would it be then, etc.

IMG_1388Free samples are easy to receive around town.  My adult  favorite place were the free samples at the moonshine distilleries. Ole Smokey Distillery which has two in the downtown Gatlinburg (our favorite was butterscotch). Thunder Road Distillery which is right of Hwy 40 at ext 407, has the best S’mores which is great with French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. IMG_1407You can also get a little history on the difference in moonshine and whiskey and some places even give you a free tour.  Beef Jerky Outlet is always fun to visit and taste all the yummy jerky meat.  There are several different candy stops that offer samples and will let you try every flavor of ice-cream and fudge if your heart desires, but they do expect you to buy something eventually. 

IMG_1356Our favorite is the Chocolate Monkey, with a friendly staff, and lots of chocolate items to choose from.  Bass Pro Shop (right next Chocolate Monkey, Hwy 40 at ext 407) is always fun to check out the camping gear, fishing equipment, clothes and the huge fish tank. Flapjack Pancake Cabin is a breakfast and lunch restaurant that has amazing pancakes, waffles, Egg Platters, Omelets, sandwiches and salads.  

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