Do you believe in the Roswell UFO Incident

IMG_2839Do you believe in the Roswell UFO Incident? If your nine and ten of course you believe. Your imagination may run a little wild and you might imagine meeting some green guy’s on a family vacation from another world and keep up correspondence with the alien kids form Zanzarbar only 553 light years away.  This is what Huggs and Munchy were discussing as we entered New Mexico.  They also were discussing how electricity was given to the Egyptians thousands of years ago by the aliens and how could anyone build those pyramids – it had to be the aliens.  I guess they have been watching my favorite tv show too much. Ok if anyone knows me well, they know how much I love the TV show “Ancient Aliens” and the guy with the crazy hair (the crazier the hair the more excited I get), Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. So I am in heaven and of course the girls are just as excited.

Roswell, New Mexico is best known for the Roswell incident, where aliens crashed on a IMG_2875farm about 40 miles outside Roswell and the government covered it up.  So with our trip to the UFO museum the girls came up with some questions they wanted answered:

  • When was the 1st UFO sighting?
  • How many UFO sighting have their been?
  • What does UFO stand for?
  • Is their any funny UFO stories?
  • How would you know if you were talking to an alien
  • Why are aliens landing here on earth?
  • Are there any records of people be taken to an alien ship?
  • Why do people paint aliens green?
  • Are their more aliens sighting in a certain month?


The international UFO Museum if full of evidence about the Roswell incident.  There is a library of hundreds of accounts of sighting and abductions, oh boy.  Lots of reading about the 3 incidents and amazingly even more on the internet.  The best part is all the girls questions were answered because they were given a free packet for kids with every UFO question and the answers  you could think of and fun games all about aliens. The girls got a special prize for being so well-behaved (I am so proud).


Aliens are real check out the picture above…. here is our story…. Rubber Ducky was taking pictures of the snow early in the morning not paying attention to what he was taking.  He gave his phone to me to download all the pictures and as I was sorting through them I noticed this baby.  I asked him if he saw anything while picture taking and he had no idea – but we were both amazed at what we saw – so you guys be the judge – oh yea and we didn’t alter it at all – I don’t even know how if I wanted to.

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