DIY Dometic RV Fridge Door Remodel

I have hated, no loathed, my RV Fridge since the day we bought our new camper, Mountaineer 350QBQ. We traded in a residential fridge for a one door camper fridge, yuck.  It also had these ugly panels that match the rest of the interior.

DIY Dometic RV Fridge  Door RemodelI decided that we should update the fridge doors by taking out the wooden panels and replacing them with sheet metal and adding vinyl chalk board or white board on top the sheet metal. This way we could put magnets on the fridge like a S&B (sticks and bricks) and be able to write each other notes.

If you have wanted to do this to your camper and have a Dometic Fridge it is actually quite easy.  Here is what you need to get started:

  • 1/8” sheet of plywood – enough for fridge and freezer
  • 3 thin sheets of sheet metal 24″x24″  (where to buy)
  • epoxy used on metal and wood  (where to buy)
  • vinyl chalk board material or vinyl white board (where to buy)
  • saw horse and cutting tool to cut wood
  • metal-cutting scissors (where to buy)

Start by taking the panels out of the fridge. First unlatch the “L” bracket on top of the panel and just slide the panel out.

Next measure the back of your panels and get size of the freezer and fridge.  We actually took these panels with us to the hardware store.  We bought 1/8” plywood, but any wood is fine just get the lightest material you can find.  We bought 3 pieces of sheet metal 24’x24’ and headed home.

On a flat surface lay the freezer panel on the wood panel and using a pen mark two side and cut out.  Go and check to make sure it fits in the freezer door slot.  Next do the same for the freezer.

After you have the wood panels cut out and you have tested the fit then it is time to measure the metal sheets.  We laid the fridge panel on the metal sheet and marked the side needed to cut out.  You will only need one sheet for the freezer and two for the fridge, double if you have two doors. Now you are ready to glue the sheet metal to the plywood.

After the glue dries then use the panels you just made to measure the vinyl chalk board or white board.  All that is left is to peel off the back of the vinyl and then stick it to the metal sheets. Hint: To make life easier getting all the bubbles out spay alcohol on metal sheet before trying to lay down vinyl sheet and use a smooth wedge to get out bubbles.  We used a pin to just pop bubbles but doesn’t work as good as first method.

Slide the three layers back into the fridge and enjoy!!

DIY Dometic RV Fridge Door Remodel

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