Can Disney World be Educational for everyone

Can Disney World be Educational for everyone? The short answer is Yes, but it is also very entertaining too. Rubber Ducky and I love Disney and go a lot, yes we are nuts (in case you were wondering).

Disney World be Educational

 Happy Birthday to our Little Huggs who turned “8” on August 17th.

Here are a few things we learned while we were at Disney World.  Try to think out side the school class room, learning is everywhere not just in a book and Disney Imagineers go out of there way to make everything you see in and out of the park educational.

Disney World be EducationalAbout Animals at the animal kingdom lodge, and talked to an animal guide while we were there.  Epcot was filled with history, culture, countries, and of course yummy food. We learned about physics from a roller coaster and rode a couple too. Math was accomplished by counting money, making change. We gave girls their own money and then they had to figure out what they could buy, how much, if was worth it to them to pay that much, how to count change to make sure they got the right amount back, and  Munchy is better than most adults (the Disney cashier was impressed). Disney World be EducationalPicture taking was done by letting the girls do a scavenger hunt by themselves in Rainforest (reading, search find, taking pictures of what they found). Where is Perry game at Epcot, is where  the girls had to stay together while we sat and rested our feet to find clues in one area or a country (they lost those privileges when they got into fights). Great lesson to learn to  work together, listen to clues. Family time is a great lesson we should all do more things together.

You guys get the idea and think about it next time you go to a theme park.  You can learn without even trying!

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  2. It’s amazing what you can learn just about anywhere. There are fantastic life lessons everywhere! That’s the beauty of unschooling. It’s so wonderful to hear the benefits listed for something most people write off as being nothing but purely fun!