Disney Magic Band could make Disney even more magical

Disney Magic BandThis year we were chosen along with thousands of others to test the new magic bands.  I was the most excited about this because it linked our tickets, and dinner reservations.  We also were able to select up to three fast passes per day per park. Hint: If you don’t use any of your fast passes you can exchange them for 3 new passes at a different park.

How the bands work

 I received our letter in the mail that explained how it all worked. I got to go online and select a band color, character for each person and link everything to our bands.  The magic bands will allow you to connect with friends and family so you can coordinate all your plans. The bands come with a free iPhone app that puts everything at your finger tips. I can view ride wait times, park hours, magic hours, a GPS to know exactly where you are in the park, your plans are for that day.

Our thoughts on the bands

Overall, we loved the bands but I have a feeling this is a way to track our spending.  They give you a spending limit when you first get to the park. Then you have to call a number to see what you are spending each day.  I, unfortunately, did loose my blue band In Epcot but was able to replace it with a gray one with very little trouble. They are water proof and now offer extra bling like buttons and band covers for your bands to make them even neater.

2017-2018 Disney World Crowd Calendar

This Disney World Crowd Calendar by Disney by Age can help you plan your trip for the best time. They use part art, part science, and a lot of experience to combine things like wait times, resort capacity, and restaurant availability into an anticipated crowd level for each park, every day of the year. It’s organized by school year to make planning for families simpler.

2017-2018 Disney Crowd Calendar

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