Day with Antique Cars, friends and coffee at Old Fort McAllister

We had the best day looking at antique cars with friends at Old Fort McAllister. The girls grandparents take tours all over the US with their antique car clubs.  This rally was part of a local antique car club, AACA or Antique Automobile Car Association, and were joined by several other antique clubs and enthusiast.

IMG_0817Our day started by borrowing my 1959 Corvette, Black Beauty, and following my parents to the Richmond Hill Publix. Everyone else from the car club meet us there before driving over to Fort McAllister.  The really fun part was watching my dad, and all the men, try and crank start his Red Model T before we left. It took a few minutes of cranking but once we got her going we were off to the fort.

IMG_0824There were over 100+ antique, new-fancy and unique cars that came to show off at the fort.  Everyone that bought a car (to show off) got in free to the fort, and museum. They had prizes you could win from local Radio Station 106.1, cannon demonstration, museum entrance for free and of course free coffee.  The kids really enjoyed the 10 minute educational movie, cannon demonstration and winning a free t-shirt.  We had fun walking around the fort and checking out the barracks, magazine bunker, and where they made the “Red Hot Shot” (heated up cannonballs). The girls were surprised to find that the beds were stuffed with straw and thought they might not have been that comfortable.

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