Dancing with the stars

Dancing with the stars…. well my little stars!!! The girls had a friend over and they put on a couple shows. The first was a dancing routine they made up in the pool, then a crime scene where mac played the good and bad guy and the last was were both girls have a swimming accident and Mac saves the day and saves both girls… lets just say they had a blast in the pool.

This one was the funniest, sorry the music doesn’t go but I will work on getting better stuff….

christmas gifts

Hydroponics plant is growing roots!!!

We have one of our plants are growing roots, the girls are so excited….ok I am really excited, everyone knows I do not have a green thumb. Today we added the food to the ph balanced water and put our air rock in the water and attached it to an air pump. The girls also added the clay balls that will hold the plants in place and help keep the plants wet. This is Mac and Belle describing what we did.

We also went to the library by the Savannah Mall and got 7 new books……
Belle got Cliffard, book about President John Tyler, President Washington, and a book about a baby bird. Mac got book on President Lincoln, book on bears and Fun book about a king who looses his clothes (I can’t remember the title)…

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