Cup cake store

Mckenzey and Isabelle decided they would make a cupcake store that sold cupcakes and supplies. They put price on everything and then we found an app for our iPads, well we found four…. (cash register, toy cash register, shop register, and smart register).

Our favorite is toy cash register – this one you just put in any amount, it adds up all the amounts and then you put cash or charge and how much the customer gave to pay and then it tells you the change. Smart register let’s you do the same thing but you can name your items and put prices on them, and make them different color, very cool. Shop register has coffee shop set up, with Starbucks like prices you pick an item then total and it gives you what the change should be. Regular cash register and point of sale I couldn’t get to work. They were all free – why pay when it’s just for fun.

First McKenzey wrote down everything in her note book, and the girls took turns adding up the item and making change. Then I got the apps and it got really exciting with real money and practicing giving customer real change. The girls must have done 50 different versions. They were having so much fun they didn’t want to go to the playground which is rare.

Here is the video enjoy……

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