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20111120-182117.jpgChristmas in the south was so much fun this year and they had so many different items to choose from. I decided to take the girls there on a field trip for school (haha). They have been saving their allowance and it has been burning a whole in their pockets. We got there really early before the huge crowds.

Not only did the girls learn about glass blowing, candle making, and jewelry design, they also learned how to count change, and got a lot of really neat stuff. Mac got a silk scarf, bow and arrow, quell with extra bows, fancy bubble wand and bubbles and finnaly a new outfit for her doll. Belle got a unicorn made out of hemp, bow and arrow, new Christmas outfit for her doll, and finally a fancy wand and bubbles. We had a blast going up and down all the isles talking to every one.

We also got to go to the book fair. We took a friend with us and got to do lots of free crafts, talk to authors and of course get a couple of neat books. The neatest thing we learned was that James lord pierpont wrote jingle bells in savannah, ga.

Here all the pictures from the last couple days….

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