Columbus day

I guess the private schools had off for columbus day, but we did not…. Just no tv….

20111010-143012.jpgThis morning the girls made a video on how to make a breakfast sandwich. This time I tried to do small movies and then edited them together in you tube. The sandwich tasted really good….

20111010-143129.jpgWe worked on our menus. Today the girls used the computer typed up the list for the menu. We are going to print them out tonight and then decorate them tomorrow. The plan is to give it to daddy when he get home fro work, with a meal already made and then the girls will take turns being his waitress for the night, they are very excited.

We also went to the playground while the rained stopped to get dome energy out. Belle was running circle around the house chasing her sister….


The last thing we did was read one more chapter on out Abraham Lincoln book. I have been reading to the girls while we eat dinner, that way Michael is there to answer questions… He is much better at history than me. The girls also read every night to me or Michael and are really improving.

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