Columbia Zoo

Animals and Gardens at Columbia Zoo

The Columbia Zoo was almost as much fun as the museum.  We made it before the huge crowds on Saturday and before the heat.  The best part is that they were cleaning the cages and feeding some of the animals, and that is always fun to watch.  My favorite was feeding the giraffes, I love how long their tongues are.  In the bird habitats it is always fun to pick out the all different birds and find them in their cages and see how well they is camouflaged.  What Belle pointed out to me was that the animals had lots of room to play but we could still see them from most angels and she loved that they had tones of toys.  Her favorite were the monkeys especially the little monkeys.  Munchy’s favorite was the penguins, the smaller ones were jumping and swimming and we have never seen them playing before. Micheal enjoyed taking most of the pictures.

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