Co-op Day learning about Science, math, and writing letters


Co-op day is so much fun for all the kids mainly because they get to play and see their friends. The last couple of days at co-op we have been learning about the planets, stars, and constellations. We are taking a trip tomorrow to the planetarium and want to try to get the kids ready for our little adventure.

Planet Report by Huggs

We started off Co-op Day by letting hugs do a report on the planets. Then the girls colored a sheet with all the planets on it and last and the best part of the whole day, they went swimming.

letter writing

Today we worked on writing letters to a friend or relative. They thought it was so much fun that they actually addressed the outside, and put it in the mail. Munchy even made sure that our crazy mail lady picked them up. We answered more questions on the planets and solar system and then the girls made up a really fun game with some monster high dolls.

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