Civil Right Museum in Savannah

IMGP7524I feel that the best way to learn about history is visiting museums and historical sites instead of learning about them in books. Don’t get me wrong books are great and very informative but sometimes are boring and don’t give you the whole picture. I think everyone learns better from touching, seeing, and observing first hand than just reading a chapter out of a book or looking at a slide show while a teacher is talking. This is what Unschooling is all about getting out there and seeing it first hand, learning about a subject by watching movies, interacting with museum displays, asking questions to people who have studied the subjects for months or even years.

Since the girls cousins are here visiting from France this was a good opportunity to show the kids some of the history of Savannah, specifically the civil rights era by going to the Civil Rights Museum in downtown Savannah. It is a great museum and sparked a lot of questions and hours of conversation and I think all the kids learned a ton. If you get the chance to come to Savannah check it out. The kids also got to see how candy was made at the Savannah Candy Kitchen which is always one of our favorites when we are downtown.

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