Is Roadschooling expensive and do you need a budget

Are you interested in traveling fulltime and curious how expensive Roadschooling is?  Inquiring minds want to know if Roadschooling is expensive and do you need a budget. I will do my best to answer these questions. Road schooling is when you travel and do school on the road incorporating museums, historical sites, zoo, aquariums, national parks into your curriculum. Sometimes we include online classes, summer camps, 4-H, co-op or even field trips with local homeschool Continue reading

Five Christmas Gifts rule for your teenager

Our family uses the Five Christmas Gifts rule for our teenagers. As my kids have become older and more mature buying gifts have become harder and harder. So I implemented a system that has worked great since we have hit the road. Our house is only 350 square feet and space is limited. Each child gets to pick five gifts. We like this rule because it helps you stay on budget and get real things Continue reading

Christmas gifts every parent who travels full-time would love

Christmas is almost upon us and I have a created a Christmas gifts every parent who travels full-time would love. We have been traveling for over three years so I feel like we know what every Fulltime Family needs.  These are gifts that we already have or want this Christmas season. Christmas gifts for Mom Handmade Jewelry from Amazon:    Instant Pot – I couldn’t live without our IP.  This cool tool will cook frozen spaghetti Continue reading

Big Huge List of jobs while traveling fulltime with your family

This is a big Huge List of jobs while traveling fulltime with your family. These are jobs that allow you to earn an extra income, travel fulltime, or change your stars.  Most traveling families have several income streams, just like us. On my website, I have affiliate links that allow me to earn a small percentage of your purchases and cost you nothing extra. Subsequently, we make money on our youtube videos. My daughter and I Continue reading

15 things we have learned traveling full time

These are 15 things we have learned traveling full time in an RV.  Honestly guys this is just meant to be fun and makes me laugh every time I think about them.  When we started three years ago traveling full time we had never camped before. So you can only imagine how much we have learned. So enjoy! Who needs a stick and brick (S&B) house because your home is where you park our RV Continue reading

Hersey RV Show is RV heaven, our choice for fulltime living

Hershey Rv Show is 13 football fields of RV Heaven. More RVs than I have ever seen at one time.  There were so many RVs to visit we had to go three days just see everything. Then we were so tired we took a day off to just hang out at home and went again on the last day just for couple hours to see our favorites. Picking out the right RV for fulltime living Continue reading