How to Unschool sports as part of your curriculum

Can you include Unschool sports as part of your curriculum? Most parents and teachers view sports as extra activities. They believe that your core classes do not include sports, art or music. I, on the other hand, think of sports as life learning and therefore should be included as part of an Unschool curriculum. Let me explain and show you how Unschool sports can teach you as much as a book. My kids are part Continue reading

5 gift rule for an Unschool Christmas

5 gift rules

We don’t spend a lot of money at Christmas and started the 5 gift rule when we started traveling fulltime. Even though we now live in a Stick and brick house and only travel for fun, I still keep this rule. Holidays are not about how much you spend but the memories you make. The 5 gift rule for us is more about education and broadening our mines. The girls get 1 gift they want, Continue reading

Important Life lesson Homeschooled kids learn faster

A friend of mine asked me this question: Do you think your kids have enough life lessons to be prepared for adulthood? Especially since they don’t go to” normal school”? She went on to say: Schooled kids are taught life skills in school. Honestly, this made me laugh ( on the inside). This also got me thinking, and of course, questioning my decision to homeschool. I have even taken my kid’s education one step farther, Continue reading

How do you deal with critical family members and friends during the Holidays?

critical family members

The holidays are always stressful and even more when someone disagrees with how you’re educating your kids. Family members and friends always have questions. So, how do you deal with critical family members and friends during the Holidays? You will always have people who don’t understand why you are homeschooling your kids. People who have questions and want to understand and those who think you ruining your kids. Dealing with these people during Holidays adds Continue reading

I just Started Unschooling. How do I homeschool and educate my kids?

So, you just started Unschooling your kids. NOW, what do I do? How do I homeschool and educate my kids? Great, I am really excited for you! You have just made the best decision of your life and the hardest. I am not going to sugar code this, it has been a long road from when I started in 2010. Let me start by saying it will be tough at first but gets so much Continue reading

We reviewed Mel Kids New Science Kit and loved it!

We had the awesome opportunity to review the Mel Kids Science kit. We have been using the Mel chemistry kits for years. The company offered to give us a free kit “Mel Kids science kit” for an honest review. Let me start by saying my kids are 15 & 16 years old but love anything science. We looked at the kit with kid eyes and the girls tried to be as honest as possible. Our Continue reading