Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road


Unschooling really has no rules because the goal of unschooling is to do what interests the child – child led learning.  When you talk about rules for art on the road their really is only one rule.  If your child is interested in art like my youngest daughter then get lots of art supplies that will fuel their interest. One way to make it easier on you as a parent is to get a subscription, like Kiwi Crate Shop.  A package comes in the mail each month with science, art, games and more!.  I have several friends who are not Continue reading

Games we love that are great for Christmas, homeschooling and Full time RVing


We have been playing lots of board games and the best part is Rubber Ducky is bored so he joins in on our fun. Yesterday we played Brain Quest Smart Game, you get science, math, art, reading, the world questions and the neat part is they are divided by grade (1st – 6th) to make it fair for everyone. Next we played Scrabble Apple- and Bananagrams but this time we decided we had to make camping words. We practiced sounding out the spelling on our board then the girls made a scrabble game with them. They had tons of fun trying Continue reading

Can you tie dye a sofa bed? You be the judge…

tie dye bed sheets

Since today was a beautiful sunny day and the girls wanted to play outside, I thought it would be fun to make tie dye t-shirts.  We really have been wanting to tie dye the sheet that I got for the couch bed, which is actually our old bed that I put on the floor and we use as a couch.  I have never tie dyed before (ok once when I was Munchy’s age) so I was winging the whole idea, as usual.  Sunny (Sugar’s Mom) that helped with co-op has made a lot of tye dye shirts and she helped a Continue reading

Art Day with mom – What can be more fun?

clay monster high animals

A whole day filled with making art and spending the day with the best mom in the whole world.  Hugs and Munchy have been using all of their spending money buying Monster High dolls and accessories to go with them.  Munchy decided that her dolls all needed friends, so she thought she would make some out of polymer clay.  She told me what she wanted to make and I helped her find a picture on the internet, and then we printed it out and she went to work.  They turned out really cute and now everyone has a pet that they Continue reading

Fun co-op day

fun co-op day

A day filled with fun and just general play is just as important but not quite as learning and discovering about the world around them. So today the girls worked on their fashion and made several outfits for the monster high dolls and babies. They had fun making swimsuits, skirts, shirts and even a dress or two. Then for fun they all worked on an outfit for Gwen since her birthday is in a month. While some the girls were working on different outfits the others took turn doing the newest and greatest bracelet maker a, Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom.  Continue reading

More cute pens for sale

polymer clay pens for sale

Munchy has been working very hard on her clay.  She has made four more new pens that she designed and made completely by herself.  She actually found a book I had with all my clay stuff and used that to help design her pens. She gets up every morning and works on her clay.  Learning a skill that you can use later in life is what unschooling is all about.  She has a little business and has learned all sort of skill that she will need once she has a business of her own.  CHeck out her cool pens on Continue reading

Unschooling or fun school


The best day ever, Unschooling craft day or as my daughter says Fun School!  I asked her today to describe Unschooling and she said we have Fun school mom, we love  to learn, we like to do school stuff, we have fun, we love school!! Actually what we did art all day.  Munchy decided she wanted to make bracelets to sell on Etsy, Macbelle’s Little Creation shop.  She is on another kick to get an animal and has decided if she can pay for it, I will her get one.  Huggy wants to go a Disney Cruise, and I told Continue reading

Fairy Utopia

fairy utopia

Fairy Utopia – homes for fairies  We need fairy homes for homeless fairies, there are so many but you may not see them because they love to stay out of sight.  Homes need to be made for all the fairies young and old, cooking fairies, pots and pans fairies, tinker fairies and even for fashion design fairies. The girls had so much fun making tons of fairy homes and today we put them in a hollowed out tree down the path from our house.  We put blue pebble on the ground to make a path (sidewalk) from one big house to Continue reading