Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

Does anyone remember “Green Acres”?  I used to love that show and watched it all the time with my mother. Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park is nothing like “Green Acres” but it made me think of it while we where were visiting because this family was sure out of their element. Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park shows how life really was back in late 1800s, how hard it was to till Continue reading

Lecture from Super Hero of snake bites at MS Museum of Natural Science

Have you ever been bitten by a snake or spider and wondered what to do?  I hope you haven’t because that would really hurt and who wants to spend the day in the hospital.  No one got bit here but we did meet the super hero of spider and snake bites and listened to an amazing talk, at the MS Museum of Natural Science in Jackson Mississippi, on what you should do if you do Continue reading

Fulltime Families Scavenger Hunt at Castaway Rally

Our all-time favorite activity at the Fulltime Families Castaway Rally was the scavenger hunt .  It was educational, fun, entertaining, and, best of all, it kept the girls entertained for hours.  Instead of our family (or me) taking all the pictures, I enlisted the girls to get as many pictures as they could.  They had a blast running around with their trusty iPhones, taking silly pictures, and getting as creative as possible to earn even Continue reading

Underground Railroad at Fort Pulaski

It amazes me that many adults and children do not know about the Underground Railroad at Fort Pulaski, much less its history and origins. The Ranger began by telling us ‘there is no train depot here at Fort Pulaski and no tunnels that lead into town’. He went on to tell us information I had never learned in school about the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad refers to the efforts of enslaved people seeking freedom by escaping from Continue reading

Civil War History at Fort Pulaski

I love getting outside and exploring historical sites around town, and one of my favorite is learning about Civil War history at Fort Pulaski.  This fort was used during the 19th Century as a defense against overseas enemies. This fort didn’t see much fighting, and most days the men played baseball and hung out waiting for something to happen. I thought it would be fun this time to explore Cocksure Island, Parade grounds, trails, and what is Continue reading

EdVenture Children’s Museum

Just because we have stopped traveling doesn’t mean that the adventure and education will not continue.  This week we visited EdVenture Children Museum in Columbia (which is the biggest children’s museum in the South) where fun and education go hand in hand.  The hubby had so much fun I lost him for an hour while he went through the museum and played with all the neat gadgets by himself. The girls’ favorite part of the Continue reading