DIY Dometic RV Fridge Door Remodel

I have hated, no loathed, my RV Fridge since the day we bought our new camper, Mountaineer 350QBQ. We traded in a residential fridge for a one door camper fridge, yuck.  It also had these ugly panels that match the rest of the interior. I decided that we should update the fridge doors by taking out the wooden panels and replacing them with sheet metal and adding vinyl chalk board or white board on top the sheet metal. This Continue reading

How to make memory pens for all your family adventures

Memory pens are a great way to keep track of all your families adventures and are super easy to make.  A friend, Mrs. Ann, that lives in a travel trailer and will be going full-time  very soon (so exciting) actually gave me this idea.  What I love about this idea is they take up very little space, they are inexpensive ($1 -$10 each), not heavy (huge concern in a RV), you can make them out Continue reading

Learn how to be part of History: Annual Re-Ride of the Pony Express

Have you ever want to be part of history or get a piece of mail that was part of history?  Today is your chance if you act now, before June 1 st.  You can send a commemorative letter by PONY EXPRESS from St. Joseph, Missouri to Old Sacramento, California.  Follow the progress of the 10 day ride as mail is carried by horseback by over 700 riders and follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter. We Continue reading

Geocaching fun free things to do with your kids

Have you ever been geocaching or unsure what it is?  It is actually a really fun thing you can do with your kids or by yourself for free.  Believe it or not it is something you can do all over the world and you really only need to bring a few basic tools with you.  All you need is an Android or iPhone, some good walking shoes and toy that you can trade. How does geocaching Continue reading

Five Ways to Save on your Grocery Bill and Roadschool or Unschool Lesson Ideas

Saving money while you travel is very important, and it is a very good lesson for the kids.  We all know it is getting more expensive to live and eat, so saving money anywhere you can help out greatly.  Another problem we Roadschoolers have is that we all live in a home on wheels that is about the size of a New York apartment or maybe your first studio apartment when you attended college (about 300 Continue reading

Update: How to Set Up an Aquaponics Kit and Rock Candy

We wanted to let you know how great our Aquaponics Kit and our fish, Mr. Bubbles, is doing.  One month has passed since we set up our kit, and the plants have gotten so big that we had to put them in ponytails so they wouldn’t go everywhere. Mr. Bubbles is waiting to be fed every morning and every evening and seems to really like his new home.  We have added the Tidy Tank water to the bowl Continue reading