Step back in time at Old Fort Niagara and learn how three countries occupied this fort

We love taking Unschooling field trips to visit historic sites and  our favorite so far was the visit to Old Fort Niagara.  The paid entry fee gets a tour guide with 30 other guests, short movie and array of wonderful volunteers.  The volunteers were great at answer questions and teaching first hand what it was like to live during that era. I always say life experiences are often be the best teachers. Our tour began with a five minute movie that explained the Continue reading

Should you Walk or Drive across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada

Should you Walk or drive across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada? We had this discussion for the last 50 miles as we headed to our new campsite on moving day. I did a lot of checking on the internet and found it to be a toss up. Driving or walking really depends on what your intentions once you get to Canada. If you want to see a lot of Canada then drive but if you only want see Niagara Continue reading

Roadside Fun: What is the name people call Cumberland Falls?

What is the name people call Cumberland Falls? Hint: Cumberland Falls has a much bigger twin in New York that we hope to see later this summer. This small fall can get 300 feet wide during its highest level and plunges over a 250 million year old rock. The falls enchants poetic beauty for Romantics. It is best known for its moonbow, which they say can only duplicated at Victoria Falls in Africa. Sadly, we missed the full moon and Continue reading

Roadschool fun at the largest collection of Millstones in US and Mountain Life Museum

This week we got to see the largest collection of millstones in  US. Our roadschool adventure took us to visit the McHargues Mill house and bird sanctuary. Unfortunately, all the historical markers were badly weathered and hard to read. We did, in Unschool fashion, google information on the Mill, and learn it was built in 1812 and was a working mill that made three grades of flour, bran, corn meal, and even wool. The mill Continue reading

Road school Adventure at Black Water Falls State Park

Black Water State Park is one awesome water fall and a requirement if you’re visiting Davis, WV. As one of the locals told us be ready to climb lots of stairs and it will fill like twice as many on the way back up. Really we only climbed 235 stairs down with a total of 470 round trip. We did learn, by reading the markers along the path, that the “black” water is a result of Continue reading

Roadside Fun: Name the city where Colonel Sanders first served his secret recipe

Can anyone name the city where Colonel Sanders first served his secret recipe to motorist? It all started in 1932 at a gas station during the Great Depression. Sanders Cafe is not on many people’s historical bucket lists, except my daughters, Munchy’s. Her favorite food is fried chicken, of course. The story goes that Harland Sanders humble beginning to fame began by pumping gas. As more and more motorists asked Sanders to recommend a place Continue reading