Lego Class Art Thursday

Today we went to Lego class with all of our homeschool friends.  The kids met a little early and played in the gym for a bit till class started.  The kids had a lot of fun playing basketball, soccer, running and hot potato. Lego class was lots of fun for all of the kids, we did 2 projects today.  They broke the kids into groups of 2 so that everyone would get a chance to Continue reading

Homeschool class on space and Steam class using legos

Homeschool class was on space and a Steam class using Legos. We started today at the Salvation Amy  where Mr. Walter from the library did a presentation on the solar system.  I asked the girls what they learned and they came up with 10 things: There would have been 20 planets but Pluto had a couple of dwarf buddies and we can’t count those as planets There is no such thing as the dark side of Continue reading

Lego Academy Kit 1 Space ships

We bought the girls a really cool Lego kit and signed them up to get a new kit every other month. The first one we bought at the Lego store at Disney World. Kit 1 comes with 178 pieces and a cool instructional booklet that shows step by step instructions on how to create 3 ships. The girls jumped right in and within an hour had created the first Lego ship with absolutely no adult Continue reading

Played hard – Day two unschooling

Played Hard on day two Unschooling So far, so good! The favorite thing the girls did on day two Unschooling is play on the Wii u game system and man they had fun. First we played  World Racing 2, tennis, bowling and Disney princess search and find game. We made cookies for Santa.  Reading and measuring were discussed in detail. This time I had them work on fractions by only giving them a smaller measuring cup and they had Continue reading