Gloups learned a little history at Kingsley Plantation

Gloups day started like the last couple with cereal and milk for breakfast and then off to ride in some really cool antique cars.  Today Gloups got to meet some of the girls second cousins, have lunch at McDonalds and ride on a faire boat. They finished  the day with a dinner cruise and a nap  at the symphony, shhhh…… don’t tell anyone we feel asleep. The Horseless carriage tour drove to Kingsley Plantation where they learned Continue reading

Gloups adventure at the White Oaks Conservation Center

Gloups had so much fun yesterday he could barley sleep.  He was up bright and early and had breakfast with the girls, (milk, cereal and orange juice). Everyone lined up in their cars and headed to White Oaks Conservation Center. At  White Oaks Conservation, Gloups got to pet a cheetah, feed a giraffe, visit an okapi (cousin to the giraffe),  gazelle, and an baby rhino.  He learned about dinosaurs, and he learned that White Oaks breed Florida Panther, which Continue reading

Adventures of Gloups the French puppet

Have you ever wanted to travel the world, learn about different cultures, customs, learn a new language, even eat new food and have an adventure of a life time?  Well, a French puppet named, Gloups, is getting to do that this year. Follow along with us and the many Adventure of Gloups. He started his journey in Jean-Pierre, France flew across the ocean to  Livingston, Texas and  then to Jacksonville Florida. The girls mapped out Gloups flight Continue reading