Hersey RV Show is RV heaven, our choice for fulltime living

Hershey Rv Show is 13 football fields of RV Heaven. More RVs than I have ever seen at one time.  There were so many RVs to visit we had to go three days just see everything. Then we were so tired we took a day off to just hang out at home and went again on the last day just for couple hours to see our favorites. Picking out the right RV for fulltime living Continue reading

Ten improvements to our camper that I couldn’t live without

Our family has traveled fulltime in an RV for almost three years, this October, 2016. We have made several changes overtime but check out these six improvements to our camper. Most of these items I have bought on Amazon but every so often you can find them at a Camping World, RV store, Wal-Mart or Target. Portable Ice Maker I cannot tell you how much I love my ice maker and ask myself everyday why we didn’t Continue reading

Home Reserve Review: Best RV furniture that you won’t be able to live without

What is the best RV or home furniture that you can’t live without?  There are many things that  I can’t live without but the one piece is furniture that I absolutely love is my Home Reserve couch.  When we first bought our camper, Montana Mountaineer 350QBQ, we had them remove the couch and table and chairs in the living room.  We made a craft area for Huggs and I and used camp folding chairs for Continue reading

How to make money while traveling fulltime

Many of you have asked how do you make enough money to travel fulltime. People have the idea that it is extremely expensive to travel and that you need to either be retired or filthy rich.  Now both could help but we are neither filthy rich or retired (over 70 years old).  We are traveling fulltime with our two girls, who are unschooled or homeschooled,  have visited over 34 states and plan on doing as long Continue reading

How to create a tiny ART studio for an RV

How to create a tiny Art studio for an RV? Living in an RV has a lot of challenges especially when you like to do crafts with your kids, have an art business or you just want a desk where you can work.  The first step is to find an area in your small home that is big enough for a desk or table.  I knew I needed a craft area so we chose a Continue reading

How essential oils can help with Cold season

Let me start off by saying I am not a doctor or nurse and do not have any kind of degree in the medical field. I honestly get a little nauseous at this sight of blood. I have however,  found a product I love that helps with all our ailments along with over counter drugs and only go to doctors if necessary. My little youngsters took a Rock Climbing class this summer and got to Continue reading