Melt in Your Mouth Old Kentucky Chocolate Factory tour

Kentucky folks pride themselves on Kentucky basketball, University of Kentucky football, horse racing, and good old Kentucky Chocolate.  If you ask anyone from Kentucky who has the best chocolate, they will all answer, “You haven’t tried chocolate until you tried chocolate from the Old Kentucky Chocolate Factory.” We decided they were right and took a tour of that factory with my Aunt Peggy.   Don Hurt founded Old Kentucky Chocolate over factory 50 years ago, in Continue reading

Home for Retired Legends and Great Athletes

Have you ever wondered where great athletes go to retire? I’m talking about racing horses that make million of dollars for their owners. In the past, these athletes sold for as little as $1,000 and were sent to slaughterhouses.  It was heartbreaking to hear these amazing animals were being discarded and thrown away as soon as they quit winning races or producing offspring. This was so upsetting to Michael Blowen that he started a non-profit farm for these amazing Continue reading

Toyota Factory Tour in Georgetown, Kentucky

We had the opportunity to visit the first wholly owned manufacturing facility in the United States. A wholly owned company is one whose common stock is 100% owned by another company, called the parent company.The Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky is the largest Toyota plant outside Japan, and they build over 500,000 cars a year. The company has over 7,000 employees and has its own credit union, day care, gym, and pharmacy. The tour began Continue reading

15 Amazing Things to do with Kids in Georgetown, Kentucky

georgetown, ky

Our Unschooling adventures have brought us to one of my favorite places: horse country. I love Kentucky because of all the horse farms, rolling blue grass hills, and the wonderful hospitality. I miss the South, and as far as I am concerned Kentucky is part of the southern states because of the blue grass music, sweet tea, that wonderful southern twang, and, of course, being south of the Ohio River. We started our adventure at Continue reading

Merry Go Round Museum and wood carving artist

Do you remember the excitement as a child seeing the carousel and begging your mom to let you ride, just once? Close your eyes I’ll wait while you take yourself back in time Do you remember as a child the excitement as you climbed aboard a beautifully painted horse. The sound of the “oom pa pa” of the band organ playing, the crisp air, maybe the smell of cotton candy and seeing kids of all ages laughing as Continue reading

SAS Factory Tour in San Antonio Texas

SAS factory tour

If you are visiting San Antonio and can only visit one thing, then don’t miss out on the SAS Factory Tour.  Not only is this tour FREE but you also get to visit the old General Store that is adjoined to the factory.  I was amazed at how many steps that go into making these handmade, comfortable shoes for our older generation, and people with ankle and foot injuries.  The tour takes you through each Continue reading