Aerial adventure course at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Who says doing a aerial adventure or ropes course is not considered school. Well, when you Roadschool everything is considered school and a learning experience. At the Jackson Hole Grand Adventure Park in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort you can do a lot things. We paid $35 per person to do the Aerial adventure course, which included zip lining, that lasted for about hour and half or three times around the course. We chose this over the bungy Continue reading

How do Unschoolers learn about the Union Pacific Railroad

Have you ever wondered how Unschooling works? What is the difference in Unschooling and homeschooling?  It is pretty simple, Unschoolers don’t do test, workbook sheets (unless we want), book reports, sit at a table for hours or use a curriculum.  Unschooling is about life learning or letting your child choose what they want to learn, finding the resources to help them learn a subject and then encouraging them. Learn more here We love taking scenic Continue reading

Tour of Historic Gruene, Texas

Being on a budget while traveling full-time makes it hard to entertain the kids and still get a good homeschool education. We spend the majority of our income on camping sites, food and gas for both cars.  I like to find free things we can do on the road like touring historic towns, visiting zoos, museums, aquariums, going on hikes. I like to think of Unschooling as fun school or doing fun things and learning Continue reading

Best Tools to Unschool Your Children in STEAM Education

Unless you live under a rock out in the woods and have nothing to do with the normal population, then you have been hearing a lot about STEM or STEAM education on TV and the internet.  I have even started seeing it a lot on commercials on TV, and I do not watch a lot of regular TV. So what is STEAM, and and why is it so great for our kids? It is a Continue reading

STEAM: What is it and can Unschoolers use it?

STEM has been one of those anagrams that people have been throwing around for the last couple years.  Over the last year, we have been hearing the phrase more and more on TV and the internet.  So what is STEM and why should Unschoolers or Homeschoolers be learning everything we can?  Unschoolers should take every advantage out there about STEM or STEAM. What is STEAM? Science Technology Engineering, Art and Math is an acronym that stands for STEAM Continue reading

Lego Class Art Thursday

Today we went to Lego class with all of our homeschool friends.  The kids met a little early and played in the gym for a bit till class started.  The kids had a lot of fun playing basketball, soccer, running and hot potato. Lego class was lots of fun for all of the kids, we did 2 projects today.  They broke the kids into groups of 2 so that everyone would get a chance to Continue reading