How to make Ricotta Cheese: separate protein molecules

Have your ever wanted to know how to make ricotta cheese? It is easier than you think and you can do a science experiment at the same time.  I love making cheese from whole milk because it tastes super yummy.  This is a fun experiment because I can actually get the kids to try something they made. Follow along with us as we how we separate proteins. What you need: 8 cups whole milk or half Continue reading

Edible Science Beef Jerky: How does water move out of food?

My daughter favorite food is beef jerky. Today we thought we would show how osmosis works. In our case, Osmosis is the process which a water passes through food and evaporates. The great thing about beef jerky is that it will last a long time because all the water is removed. My daughter loves it because it is a super yummy snack and its healthy.  What you need: 4-5 pounds flank steak dehydrator or oven season Continue reading

Maple Candy experiment: Do crystals form smaller if cooled faster

Maple Candy experiment: Do crystals form smaller if cooled faster? This time, we made candy you can eat, really it tasted like pancakes. Maple candy is really easy to make and fun to eat. Before we began we found some videos on YouTube and read about how crystals are formed.  This was a fun experiment because we just visited the Endless Caverns, where we learned how crystal formation was formed. What you need: Induction Cooktop Continue reading

Edible Science: How make a Water Purifier

Have you ever wondered how make water purifier? We decided this week that it would be fun to make a basic water filter and see if we could make drinkable water.  Honestly, it did not work out quite like we thought but we did learn how it worked. In a bind, this is a way to purify water however based on our experiment we couldn’t  purify enough water to sustain even one person. What you Continue reading

Edible Science: Juice Taste Test

Edible Science is science you can eat, we hope.  Ok, maybe most things you can eat or drink in this case. We came up with a hypothesis: Can your nose smell as good as your tongue? Last week Edible Science experiment we learned about our taste buds. We thought this week we would learn about our nose.  We had a little fun trying to trick the kids with the Juice Taste Test. Juice Taste Test Continue reading

Edible Science Experiments: How smart is your tongue?

Edible Science is a new series that we started this year and will (try) to do once a week.  The girls missed doing science so we thought we would try to do more this year on the road.  Edible science makes science fun, yummy and entertaining. I have included the books we are getting our experiments from at the bottom, so follow along.  I also wanted to note that I try my best to follow Continue reading