Halloween in Florida not near as much fun as home but…..

We really missed having Halloween at home with all of the girls friends and getting a huge bundle of candy.  I think we had just as much fun going to DOWNTOWN DISNEY for Halloween.  I did a little research and in years past they gave out candy to all the dressed up little kids but that was not the case this year.  There have been some problems in the past with the parents so last Continue reading

Homeschooling Disney World trip

I have been on a mini vacation from the blog but I wanted to share  are little trip, homeschooling Disney World trip . We went with the Carolina Homeschool group right in the middle of all the crowds. So this actually counted as 9 school days. The girls got to do a behind the scene class at Magic Kingdom and got to see how the ghosts appear in the haunted house. We went to Epcot Continue reading

Can Disney World be Educational for everyone

Can Disney World be Educational for everyone? The short answer is Yes, but it is also very entertaining too. Rubber Ducky and I love Disney and go a lot, yes we are nuts (in case you were wondering).  Happy Birthday to our Little Huggs who turned “8” on August 17th. Here are a few things we learned while we were at Disney World.  Try to think out side the school class room, learning is everywhere not just Continue reading

Math and fun building a Lego Pirate Ship

We finished the Lego Pirate Ship, it only took one year, 2 instructional booklets with over 250 steps and one very grumpy daddy. We bought our ship the Last time we went to our favorite place on earth, Disney World. To finish the Lego Pirate Ship project we had to read the instructions, do a little math, do a search and find for each piece, and use our imagination. The kids took turn doing each thing Continue reading

McKenzey’s 8th Birthday

McKenzey turned 8…. what did we do Saturday we went to Michael’s happy place  – 3 parks in one day .. Hollywood Studios… Animal Kingdom We learned – yes we had school and learned about dinosaurs, bugs and flowers and butterflies…. We talked to the people who work there and they tell you really interesting stuff. Last we went to our happy place Epcot and did Kim Possible adventure and saved the world again in Epcot. Continue reading