Best Tools to Unschool Your Children in STEAM Education

Unless you live under a rock out in the woods and have nothing to do with the normal population, then you have been hearing a lot about STEM or STEAM education on TV and the internet.  I have even started seeing it a lot on commercials on TV, and I do not watch a lot of regular TV. So what is STEAM, and and why is it so great for our kids? It is a Continue reading

Night at the Museum Where History Comes Alive

A crowd stood out is the freezing wind waiting for the doors to open for a Night at the Museum where history comes alive!  The children ran around excited, giggling to keep warm. It would be a night they never forget with the 2006 movie ‘Night at the Museum’, night guard training, crafts and exciting museum tour! There is no better way to get children excited about history than to make it fun and engaging. Continue reading

DIY How to Make a Homemade Cardboard Projector

Have you ever wanted a big huge TV screen but didn’t have the money to go buy one?  Today the girls and I made one with an iPhone, cardboard box and a magnifying glass.  It was actually really easy, and, believe it or not, it worked. It’s not the top of the line Samsung TVs but if you’re in a pinch to watch that game, or your favorite movie on the big screen, this is a cheap option. Continue reading

Fairy Doors Made with Love and Little Fairy Dust

Have you ever wanted a fairy to come live in your house or your garden to bring gifts and good luck?  We learned how to make a portal into the fairy world by using Premo polymer clay, a class from our favorite mentor, Cindy Lietz at Polymer Clay Tutor, and of course a little love, imagination, and pixie dust. So fly with us as we’ll show you how we made doors into the fairy world! Continue reading

Spinning and Knitting Wool Club

spinning wool1

I love meeting people everywhere we go as we travel the country and today was no exception. I called them the Spinning and Knitting Wool Club. They were having their weekly meeting at my favorite cafe, Starbucks. Spinning Wool These wonderful women answered some tuff questions. We learned about spinning wool and yern dyeing. They talked about what they were each making, how many stitches it took to make each item.  How the wheel was Continue reading

Google Eyed Recycled Planters

Summer is about playing outside, going to the pool and planting flowers.  So we created a fun project, Google Eyed Recycled Planters, that you can start anytime this summer.  We recycled plastic containers to use as our pots, found rocks from the lake we were camping at and bought $0.99 seeds at the local Home Depot.  So lets help our environment and recycle, reuse and repurpose old items for new ones.     Items you will need to get started Continue reading