Making Sugar Stained Glass and Science Activity

Sugar stained glass is a science activity that you can turn into a science experiment with a snap of your fingers. We made our sugar stained glass by using the rest of your sugar solution left over from the rock candy making. To make sugar stained glass combine one cup water and 2 cups sugar. You may also add half teaspoon Cream of Tartar and one cup clear corn syrup, I actually forgot to add Continue reading

How to make Homemade Rock Candy

Candy science is one of my favorite science activities. Making rock candy is easy to make and can easily double as a science experiment. The process may take several weeks depending on how big you want your crystals. Kids love watching the crystal grow as they form on the stick and especially love to eat the finished product. We turned out candy science into a science activity by making our rock candy with three different Continue reading

The Best Fries with a Burger on the side at the Boise Fry Company

Boise Fry Company 2

We learned about the Boise Fry Company on the Food Network when we lived in a stick house and said that if we ever started traveling that we were going to stop. Today we got that opportunity to stop and it was amazing.  Not only were the fries amazing but I was impressed at how good the burgers tasted. The BFC or Boise Fry Company specializes in french fries and they do no let you down.  They Continue reading

Bacon Pancakes

pancake bacon

We love trying new recipes and adding our own spin on old recipes.  Breakfast is one of mine and my kids favorite meal.  So I thought what would be better than bacon and pancakes.  I decided to make it really easy and use the ready pour pancake mix. We call this recipe Bacon Pancakes will see how they turn out….. The kids loved them but I think next time we might try smaller pieces of bacon.  The key Continue reading

Valentine Chocolate Pretzels with Sprinkles and marshmallows

Valentine Chocolate Pretzels

The girls miss being in town with all their friends and getting Valentine’s from everyone so we thought we would make Valentine for all the people at our campsite.  I had brought chocolate chips with us as we headed out on our adventure across the USA.  The girls came up with this idea when we went to our weekly grocery store visit, so I bought all the fixing to get them started.  The best part Continue reading

Make fairy bread like they do in Australia and taste Vegemite

How to make Fairy Bread

Make fairy bread like they do in Australia and taste Vegemite Fairy Bread is a soft white bread, smothered in creamy butter and covered with as many colorful sprinkles (which are called 100 or 1000 in Australia) as the bread will allow.  This is a fun food made Down Under and used in kids party and really fun to make when learning about Australia. Take 2 on Australia day, where the girls and I made Continue reading