Can kids become socialized on the road if you travel fulltime?

Can kids become socialized on the road if you travel fulltime? If you are like my family and Unschool, or Roadschool you worry about your children finding friends to play with. We travel fulltime which makes it even harder for kids to find other kids their own age. You may wonder if your children will turn out to be weird or antisocial. My kids biggest complained is the lack of kids at campsites during the school year. Honestly, Continue reading

15 places your kids really want to visit in Downtown Savannah, Georgia

This time we wanted to share 15 places your kids really want to visit in Downtown Savannah, Georgia. Going home to your hometown is always fun to play tourist.  We love seeing our old hangouts, friends we have missed and learning a little history about the oldest city in Georgia. Savannah was established in 1733 along the Savannah River and later became first state capital of Georgia.  Our favorite places are along the Savannah River Continue reading

21 things to do in Dubois, Wyoming

Dubois, Wyoming /ˈdjuːbɔɪz/ dew-boyz/  is one of those small towns that is full of cowboy charm and a great place to visit.  It is only 80 miles from anywhere (according to the locals) and is a great base camp for visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Titans National Parks. Only 971 people live in this small, quant town year around and if you ask anyone they would love to keep it that way, or least the older generation Continue reading

Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

Does anyone remember “Green Acres”?  I used to love that show and watched it all the time with my mother. Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park is nothing like “Green Acres” but it made me think of it while we where were visiting because this family was sure out of their element. Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park shows how life really was back in late 1800s, how hard it was to till Continue reading

The Best Fries with a Burger on the side at the Boise Fry Company

Boise Fry Company 2

We learned about the Boise Fry Company on the Food Network when we lived in a stick house and said that if we ever started traveling that we were going to stop. Today we got that opportunity to stop and it was amazing.  Not only were the fries amazing but I was impressed at how good the burgers tasted. The BFC or Boise Fry Company specializes in french fries and they do no let you down.  They Continue reading

Bay Palms RV slice of paved heaven

There are several RV parks that you can stay at while you visit Mobile, Alabama.  Our all-time favorite RV campground is Bay Palms Rv Resort. Thirty minutes from Mobile and one hour from where we did the Polar Bear Plunge. This is a family-owned RV park with a new pool, laundry rooms, bathrooms, a fish cleaning station, and a hair salon.  Your propane bottles can even get filled right at the park. Cable & WiFi are complimentary. Continue reading