Art class math

Today Belle started her new art class at Scribble Art Studio.  We are going during the day with about 7 other homeschool kids.  Belle loves art so much that I am trying to expose her to as much as possible.  She said she loved it and she did not trace her flowers but drew them free hand, very cool. Mac on the other hand refused to do art class so I made her do math Continue reading

Sacagawea biography

Ok we started this last year, read 3 or 4 paragraphs, lost the book, started reading it again toward the end of year and then took a long break but have finally read the 2nd paragraph…I think the girls and I are just not into Lois and Clark and Sacagawea, but that is the great think about unschooling is that we can put it down for 6 months and come back to it again and Continue reading

Tumbling through Monday

We have fun tumbling on Mondays at our tumbling class, not only do we get a little exercise but the kids have so much fun hanging out with their friends. They get to play for the first 15 minutes with all the kids and then the big kids get to do more advanced stuff after the little ones leave.   We actually started off the day by watching a video on corn – How stuff works… Continue reading

Jim Henson Part 3

We finished the Jim Henson book. Here is some fun facts we learned: He like to spend a lot of time with his children Got interested in animatronics In early 1980’s he made the Dark Crystal but was a huge flop  The Dark Crystal had no real people in movie Made Fraggle Rock for kids Next he made Labyrinth which was also a flop He died of pneumonia and kids of world were very sad learned about Continue reading

Jim Henson Part 2

We read some more of Jim Henson and learned a little more about the man and my favorite tv show, Muppets, when I was a child.  It’s amazing what he accomplished over the course of his lifetime. As I was reading the book this time I realized I was taking their innocence away, mostly from Huggs, by explaining how the muppets work.  Huggs still believes that the Disney princess’, Mickey Mouse, Santa Clause and the Continue reading

Fun facts about Jim Henson part 1

Today was all about my favorite author and learning fun facts about Jim Henson. I loved Kermit the frog and the muppets growing up.  So the girls and I decided that we would learn about how he created the muppets. What drove him to be a puppeteer and how he created some of his amazing puppets and make them come to life. These are all the facts so far: Man who created the muppet Family Continue reading