Can anyone learn program a Mindstorm robot?

Can anyone learn program a Mindstorm robot?

Have you ever wondered what age you should start teaching your little one computer science?  Believe it or not you can start teaching them as early as first grade. is the reason that kids of all ages can do code that’s exciting to everyone.  The girls have been very excited about learning code and have been doing a couple of hours worth every morning.  We have also found several software programs that work with Lego Mindstorm that we love and might help you and your little ones.

IMG_1726 is a website that is encouraging teachers and students to learn programing.  There are tons of examples of different software and apps you can use.  Some of these are free and some you have to pay for but it is a great tool for learning. is the program Huggs has been using every morning.  It is teaching her the fundamentals of programming by arranging blocks of code to play games and build stories.  In the last couple days she has done all the free One hour code that they offer.  Cost is $50 per student for a comprehensive and fun course for kids to introduce computer programming and you get 16 self-paced chapters, 200+ activities for student 4th – 6th grade.

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Scratch is Munchy’s favorite programming software.  The best part is it is IMG_1725FREE and you can take what you learn in Tynker and then use it to program animations and stories in Scratch. You can use Lego WEDO to make stories and build robots. There are tons of examples to get you started and when you finish a project you can publish it. We even found an app that has step by step video instructions to help you get started programming.

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Enchanting is another software that we have not tried but you can take programs from scratch and use them to make LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 robots move – middle and high school level.  I am hoping to get this for the girls very soon mainly because I want to play with it.


Looking Glass  is one of our very favorites because you can do 3D animation programming and it is also FREE.  We just started this program and will hopefully have something soon to show everyone.

Have fun coding and thanks in advance for buying Lego Mindstorm through my website because it cost you nothing extra but we get to keep traveling and sharing.


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