Bug Painting Badges Girl Scout Badges

We had our second Girl scout meeting today with all five little girls.  This time we decided to work on the bug painting badges together.   I must say being a unschooler makes it very hard to get organized and be prepared before everyone shows up.   So right now the moms are winging it, and as long as the girls are together, I don’t think they have noticed that the moms have no idea what we are doing.  Keeps our lives exciting!!

20121010-200157.jpgFirst we went in the front yard and tried to find bugs, with not much luck.  We did find a worm. centipede, rolly polly and ants.  I think we would have had a lot more luck after a good rain.  So after getting the girls to look for bugs for a bit we broke out the paint and told them to paint a bug.  I think the girls had a lot of fun just playing and enjoying each other company.

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