Buffalo Gals Homemakers Barn Quilt Trail

Buffalo Gals Homemakers Barn Quilts Trail was a fun fast-paced ride though the county side of Scotts County.  These colorful quilt squares take place along country roads, past historic farms with barns old and new, and alongside fields where cows and horses graze, corn ripples, and wildflowers bloom. All the quilt squares are on private property and many are hard to see and find.

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Buffalo Gals Homemakers Barn Quilt TrailWe had a lot of fun listening to Percy Jackson on audiobook and looking for quilt squares on barns down country roads. The only problem was that most of them are on private property and there is nowhere to pull off and take pictures.  We only found a few of the quilt squares and got frustrated and gave up, but after we got home I found out that the Georgetown Middle school mapped the GPS locations of each barn quilt.


popcornWe might take another drive and try find more just so we can listen to the next Percy Jackson Audio Book.  Right now we only gave this two popcorns out of five, because it is free to drive around and look for the quilt squares (except for the gas), but there nowhere to pull off and they are mostly on private property.  The drive is beautiful and you get to see a lot of Scotts county you wouldn’t see otherwise.  The girls kind of thought it was boring but loved listening to Percy Jackson Audio book.

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