Bird house – clear back observation

I am so excited about the new bird house we got, a bird house has a clear back. It attaches to the outside of the window and once a mama bird makes a nest and lays her eggs we can watch the babies from inside the house ( how cool is that). So far no mama bird have checked out our new bird house but I think it’s too early for nesting. I am thinking of getting 2 more just for fun, but I might wait till next season to see if it works. The best part of putting up this bird house is that I got my widows washed, and then the girls got a little crazy with the hose and drenched each other.

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Candy Chemistry was tons of fun this time. We first started with the gummy bear kit that I got on sale at Michael’s but let just say it didn’t work well and tasted awful. Next we decided we would do a little chemistry with chocolate.  We got a pot of boiling water, and melted chocolate in a glass bowl (it was supposed to be a metal). Since we sued glass we couldn’t control the temperature but we still got all the chocolate melted, cooled down and re-melted it again.  The girls asked questions like: Why did it take so long to melt? Why we had to use steam to heat up the bowl of chocolate and not boil it directly in the pan? We discussed tempering.  We discussed the phases of matter. We talked about Freezing and melting, liquids and gasses.  How everything starts from a liquid like lava and cools to the hard earth.  Then we looked up volcano but ran out of time to blow anything up.

Last we read a library book on where does out trash go?  I bet you always wondered ….

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