Biking math

Yep we decided that we needed some fresh air so the girls and I went down to Hopscotch Lane and ride around. McKenzey just learned how to ride without training wheels ( I am so proud). So they rode around people’s drive ways and when they passed me they had to say the answer to a multiplication problem. We did 0 times tables, 1, 2, 3, 4s and 5s, of course Belle did great on 0s, 1s 2s, and working on 3s. She did much better today – but still needs some work.

Christmas in July

We also started making cookies for all our neighbors they are all retired and a few very grumpy so we decided to put a smile on their faces. We also worked on fractions – I gave McKenzey 1/3 cup – and Belle was only allowed to used 1/4th cup.

We also went to the library this week and got lots of tapes and movies.. here is the list

Harry the Dirty Dog/ Happy Birthday Little Witch/ Stega Nona’s Gift/ Chico De Mayo/ Solar System/ I love Mouseralla/ Cliffard and the Grouchy Neighbors/ Alaska

movies….Harry the Dirty Dog/ Bill Nye – the Sun/ Capitals Song/ The Book of Pooh/ The Moon and Beyond

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