Bike Riding Sewing

The Biggest News of all is…..

Belle can Ride without training wheels – she can’t make turns yet – but I am thinking by the end of the week we will be riding to the marina – she is sooooo excited.

Here is the video McKenzey took of her riding down the street

I started a new thing (which I must say is working very well), if the kids are bad, Belle throws a fit, or if I have asked them to pick something up more than once they have to do a job from the job box.  I found this on pinterest (my new favorite site) and then edited for my needs.

Belle had to clean the front bathroom and Mac had to write 15 sentences for 15 words she didn’t know how to spell.

Here is my edited list – chores

The last thing we did was start making some more dresses for our american girl doll – all we did is cut out the dresses because Belle was just having a bad day – so we decided to go for a bike ride…

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