A typical Unschool Day: Biking, playing -and making Rock candy

A typical day Unschool Day is never the same. We never do the same thing or learn the same thing and this one was no exception. Today we went Bike riding, played at the playground for hours and finished making Rock candy. Here our first try.

Typical Unschool Day

I never have a plan on what the kids what to do and learn, because we always just wing it. When the girls wake up, we discuss our options and pick one and then do it. Today was wanted to go for a bike ride. Once we got home Mac asked if we could make something. I found the Rock Candy recipe online. Follow our day and make some Rock Candy with us, and do a little science why you’re at it.

We started off the morning with riding bikes

typical Unschool Day

Mac was leading the way. So, she decided we needed to go play at the playground. That meant we had to ride two miles one way. No problem we had a blast riding our bikes.


After an hour or so at the playground playing, then we had to ride the two hours home. Next, Mac asked if we could make candy. I thought why not let’s do a little science and make some yummy Rock Candy. Here the recipe I used.

First, we read about crystal, how they’re formed, and why they form.
This is our second try to make rock candy and, Spoiler alert, It worked!

Here some great website to explain the science behind Rock Candy

What you need to make Rock Candy

  • 2 cups water
  • 6 cups sugar.
  • Ratio 3:1. Works best
  • Big pot – to heat up water and sugar
  • Candy Sticks

What you need to do

  • Dip the stick in water
  • Roll wet sticks in sugar and let dry for couple hours
  • Get 2 cups water
  • Put in a pot and bring to a boil
  • Measure 2 cups sugar
  • Add sugar to boiling water
  • Keep adding sugar 2 cups at time till the water turns clear or almost.
  • We added 1 extra cup sugar for good measure for a total of 7 cups
  • Do NOT add food coloring yet
  • Add flavor – we added peppermint
  • let cool for 5 minutes
  • Pour into clean glass jars
  • Add food coloring
  • We did a different color for each jar
  • Grab your sugar sticks
  • Dip into the sugar jars
  • We used clothespins to hold the sticks slightly above the bottom.
  • Every day pull the stick out slightly and check it’s progress
  • When you’re happy with the outcome pull out of the jar
  • Let dry
  • Eat and enjoy

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