Summer day 18 become a spy for the day

IMG_2181Have you ever wanted to become a spy and sneak around and see what everyone else is up to and not be caught by the neighbors or even your brother or sister?  Well, this is what the girls did today, they became spies.  How do you become a spy??

First you need lots of spy gadgets, which Huggy has collected for about a year now. Anytime we go to the store she wants spy gear instead of a doll, that’s how much she likes it guys.  This really started when the girls won fake stick on mustaches while we were skating.  Huggy came down stairs with her mustache on, and then snuck up on me and of course scared me to death.  After laughing for about an hour, I said why not play spy today and we can learn about the FBI, CIA and police stuff and see what a real spy does.

So she ran up stairs turned herself into a boy, with the mustache of course and then proceeded to make her sister do the same thing.  While they got all their spy gear packed into a back pack I found several websites for them to look at.  They snuck out side and spied on the neighbor, who they decided was a witch.  Ok we have read way to much Harry Potter, we’re on the 4th book and the movies are playing every Tuesday for summer movies.

Here some spy gear if you want to set your kids up

[contentblock id=13 img=gcb.png]

Here are the websites I found about the FBI, CIA, spy museum and even a fun spy part that you can do.  I think we might do this later with our homeschool friends…


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