Unschooling Science: Beam me up into space, Scotty

Learning about science is fun especially when you beam up into space. We took a new high-tech space ship around all the planets. The kids even got to fly meters from the sun.  We lost power, our robot got all crazy, and we hit one of Saturn’s many asteroids.

Georgia Southern planetarium

We actually visited the Georgia Southern planetarium and did a free show.  It started off with a phone call and NASA asked us to do a mission that went around all the planets.  We visited each one where they asked the kids questions, and then we shot around the sun where our robot got all jumbled up, the ship’s computer shut down and then we almost hit an asteroid.  

The instructor then took all the kids outside to show them how far away the planets were from the sun.  Then we went back inside to learn more about our planet and its ever-changing temperature.

After the planetarium we went to Loco for lunch, where the kids played the telephone game. Next we visited the botanical gardens in Statesboro right next to the college and last we finished off with some yummy yogurt.

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