What is Unschooling? Unschooling Information and Road Schooling Tips for Parents and Kids

Many parents wonder what is unschooling? And how do I get involved too provide my children with a high quality education? Unschooling is not a new concept. It has been around since 1960 and was started by John Holt who coined the phrase. However as many parents are asking, “What is unschooling?” It’s evident that this methodology is regaining momentum as a way to educate children at home and to use everyday experiences as a Continue reading

Unschooling Paradise Encourages Unschooler Road Trips for Learning Outside of School

Unschooling Paradise is encouraging unschooler road trips as a way to learn outside of the traditional school environment. The unschooling philosophy is based around helping children become more independent and curious about the world that surrounds them by providing educational opportunities at all times. An unschooler road trip offers a wide variety of opportunities for kids to learn while having fun with their family. Some suggestions including: visiting science centers, art galleries and zoos. Children Continue reading