Australia Day with art work, facts, and fun videos

We started our Food around the world series, I actually had planned for us to go to each one of these wonderful countries but since the airfare is a little out of my price range, the kids would probably drive  me nuts (like they are driving me now), I decided it best just to go in our minds. Huggs and Munchy actually started yesterday by learning about and making ANZAC Biscuits, they were so yummy none of us could only eat one.  Everyone was assigned three topics where they had to come up with three facts on each topic.  Then we went around the room and each girl read their facts.

After two of the girls read their facts we played some fun videos about Australia.  The really awesome part was being able to connect our computer to a tv, with a really cool device called  Google Chromecast.  You simply plug  it into your computer and it sends videos, movies, to your tv.

IMG_0613 IMG_0617

Next the girls all did an aboriginal australian art that is indigenous to people of Australia.  We did dot painting which were originally painted on rocks and caves.  They mostly painted nature or animal and sometimes dreams.  They used the painting to tell stories or legends on caves and rocks represent their religion. Two of the girls also took a class on how to make a Minion our of polymer clay, hopefully they will finish it next co-op day.

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