Art Day with mom. What can be more fun?

A whole art day filled with making art and spending the day with the best mom in the whole world.  Hugs and Munchy have been using all of their spending money buying Monster High dolls and accessories to go with them.  Munchy decided that her dolls all needed friends, so she thought she would make some out of polymer clay.  She told me what she wanted to make and I helped her find a picture on the internet, and then we printed it out and she went to work.  They turned out really cute and now everyone has a pet that they can play with.

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Next Munchy and I decided to have an art day making some cool pottery at Starlight Pottery in Savannah.  Belle painted a frog, dragon-fly and two soccer balls (one for her and one for her sister).  I painted a coffee cup and added some fun fish stuff.  It takes 5-7 days to fire them in the kiln, so check back to see how cool they turn out.

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