Art class math

Today Belle started her new art class at Scribble Art Studio.  We are going during the day with about 7 other homeschool kids.  Belle loves art so much that I am trying to expose her to as much as possible.  She said she loved it and she did not trace her flowers but drew them free hand, very cool.

IMG_4158 IMG_4160 IMG_4161

Mac on the other hand refused to do art class so I made her do math the whole time, which to my amazement she thought was great. She started with Khan Academy and finished all of her 2 digit multiplication, 2 digit division, and telling time.  Then she did Rocket Math on her iPad and she practiced more division and multiplying.


We finished off our day with a trip to the library and lunch at Forsyth Park and played at the playground for 15 minutes till it started raining.  So we came home regrouped found out soccer practice was cancelled and then rode bikes to the marina and read R.K Rowling biography (the first 3 chapters). What a great relaxing day!!!

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4 thoughts on “Art class math

  1. Sounds like it was a great learning time for both of them! So impressed with what they are doing and exploring! And Chrissie, you are doing a great job of documenting their learning journey!

  2. Corde would love to take art classes too. She thinks it’s fantastic that your kids are able to do the kinds of things they like without having to do the same things all the time.

    • Tell Corde the girls would love you guys to do our spy adventures, posted on Sunday. You have to watch the videos and see what Dr. Huckbubkle has stolen. We are trying to post them every Sunday, fingers crossed. Where is Mac and Belle?

      Also try Salvation Army for art classes, we took there last time and Belle loved it!! We love your posts keep up the great work with kids.

      • We’ll definitely have to check it out! My computer’s working a little quirky right now, (the net is runnng slow and that seems to be effecting it) but we’ll check it out as soon as the net picks up. I’ll check out Salvation Army too! I never would have thought of that! Thanks!